Local Taxi Service

Local Car Services Edison

  • We offer 24 hour local taxi service with a convenient base location.
  • We have a large fleet, so you will never be caught waiting.
  • You may book rides in advance or call last minute, and we will be there to pick you up.
  • We are a licensed taxi service, with quality drivers, and we pre-inspect all of our vehicles.

Courier Service

Courier Services Edison

  • We offer affordable, reliable, delivery service.
  • We currently serve many local corporations.
  • On time - all the time.
  • Customized Delivery (specifically tailored to meet customer requirements).
  • Special occasions delivery.
  • Promotional items delivery.
  • VIP delivery with special features.

Medical Service

Medical Service Edison

  • We offer non-emergency medical transportation.
  • We currently service hospitals, clinics & doctors offices.
  • We are currently in contract with several county transportation services.
  • Many professionals recommend our safe & comfortable service.

Airport Services

Airport Service Edison

  • We offers dependable, prompt and courteous service to and from all major airports.
  • We will take you on the quickest route to your destination where your chauffeur will deliver you safely and securely.
  • We pride ourselves on providing you with a safe and comfortable journey.